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What is SCRIP?

Grace Presbyterian's scrip program is a fundraising effort to benefit the general revenue fund of the church by allowing our church members to have a portion of the money they spend every day actually be contributed back to the church.

How does it work? 

The best explanation is by using the following example: 

Let's say you purchase a $100 scrip card from Grace Church to purchase your groceries at your preferred local grocery store. Grace Presbyterian Church along with the help of the Great Lakes Scrip Center has negotiated a discount from this grocer so they are able to purchase the scrip cards for slightly less than their face value.  Your $100  will still buy $100 at the store you have chosen and Grace Church receives the difference as a contribution to the general fund.  If the grocer is giving Grace Church a 5% discount, the church receives $5 from your $100 scrip card purchase.  The grocer that you have purchased your scrip card for is the one that is actually making the donation to the church.  It's an easy way for you to get the items you need and the church to receive additional financial support to continue its mission.

How can I buy scrip?  

Scrip is available for purchase Sunday mornings after the worship service. 

Order forms are available by clicking on the link to the right or at the Scrip sales desk in the narthex area.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check. 

Sorry, no credit cards are accepted with this program.

Stop by and give it a try!  It's easy and it works!


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